Amazing Summer Modern Jewellery Designs

It’s finally Summer here in India now and the jewellery shops are busy arranging their Summer jewellery collection. Research shows that the fashion industry is constantly changing its trends from time to time, thereby, drawing more number of customers. Swanvi welcomes this Summer in style with its wide range of jewellery collection. This season talks about the hottest and newest modern jewellery designs keeping up with the latest jewellery trend. From stylish bangles to free-spirited earrings, unique bracelets to fashionable necklaces, you will not want to miss any of our new styles. Needless to say, that our Summer collection is sure to keep you right at the top of the fashion game.

So, it’s time to update your jewellery box this Summer. Get ready now!

Free-spirited earrings

Do you love wearing free-spirited earrings? Then drop and dangle earrings will be the ideal ones. This Summer, do not forget to add them to your jewellery box. Free-spirited earrings have been rated as one of the popular trends for this Summer season.

Whether you want to refine your evening look or add dimension to your office day, our free-spirited earrings will be an ideal pick.

Here below are a couple of free-spirited earrings from our Summer collection:

Handmade Pink and White Danglers

Flaunt this beautiful pair of pink and white earrings with your outfit and see how beautiful you look this Summer. These are handmade earrings uniquely designed to showcase your unique style of fashion.

Silver Earrings with Blue Stones

This amazing pair of classic and elegant earrings is sure to drive you crazy. The silver plating on the blue stones will not just match your casual outfits but semi-formal attires as well. Quickly! Be the first one to buy this pair of jewellery and update your style accordingly.

Stylish Necklaces

Want to beat the Summer heat in style? Then, you have to make a sensible investment in your Summer jewellery collection. This Summer, get yourself some trendy necklaces and chains with pendants.

Here below are a couple of stylish necklaces from our Summer collection:

Shankh Pendant Necklace

If you are looking for a stylish necklace that adds to your signature style then this Shankh Pendant is a MUST. The best part about this beautiful neckpiece is, it exhibits an inimitable modern jewellery design. No wonder, this jewellery piece is sure to match all your favourite outfits.

Green Beaded Necklace 

To add more elegance and beauty to your feminine look, you have to put on this wonderful green beaded neckpiece with white stones. Pair it up with an off-shoulder dress and you will look stunning your evening party.

Hope, our Summer jewellery collection has inspired you so far. So, when are you getting your favourite jewellery?

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