Get Yourself Decked Up in Terracotta Jewellery Today

There is a saying that “jewellery is a woman’s best companion”. Wherever you go, you will find that women have a fascination for crafted jewellery, complementing their attire in every occasion.  As observed, with the ongoing trends, the jewellery styles change a lot in accordance. However, there are certain types that often bounce back like the wooden and terracotta jewellery.

We are so blindfolded by the shiny materials and the glaze of stones that we often tend to forget the beauty and elegance of burnt terracotta jewellery. Most of the times the material remains unglazed retaining the brownish orange shade of the baked clay. It dates back to the time of early civilization since when the earthen jewellery has been playing an important role in our culture. It’s not that just the statues or figurines were made out of burnt clay, but the exquisite ornaments were also an integral part of it. With the progress through the centuries, the statuettes and jewellery were gradually given a better form, thereby, making them more durable.


Terracotta jewellery forms a versatile, wonderful and most comfortable accessory in comparison to others. Such form of jewellery can be worn anywhere and everywhere. If you are looking for a chic and stunning look, then nothing can beat the terracotta jewellery. Team up with Sarees, Kurtis and Salwar suits and see how beautiful you look. No matter how simple your attire be, you will look beautiful if you style up with the right kind of terracotta necklace, bangles and earrings.


Terracotta jewellery is not expensive but rich in its style. It may not have the shimmer and shine of precious jewellery but it has that unique feel that makes it stand out from the crowd – as the saying goes – “All that glitters is not gold” and some things that do not shine can also make you stand out from the rest in a breathtaking manner.


Here goes the stunning, handmade earthen jewellery from our collection.

  • Blue and Green Terracotta Necklace Set
  • New Floral Terracotta Earrings
  • Designer Multi Coloured Terracotta Jhumkas
  • Fashionable Pink and Blue Terracotta Necklace Set

So, set your ethnic style with the right pair of terracotta jewellery and clothing today. Look classy and ethnic by choosing the best terracotta look from Swanvi’s exquisite collection.

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